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Welcome to the newest MORWM Family Member!

Dear Clients & Friends,

Please give the warmest, loudest, and most fantastic welcome roar to the newest addition to our MORWM family, Devin Rainone!!

Devin hails from the great state of Rhode Island and has made his way to

Philadelphia to join us for the next chapter of his career in personal finance.

(We also wanted to give special thanks to Devin’s girlfriend, Elizabeth, who

made the move from Rhode Island to Philadelphia along with him. Thank you,


Devin comes to us with an extensive and impressive resume. He graduated

summa cum laude from Johnson & Wales University with a degree in

International Business and a triple concentration in Finance, Economics, and

Investments. He is a Certified Financial Planner and a Chartered Retirement

Planning Consultant. Devin is also a Chartered Financial Analyst Candidate, and

is currently about halfway through the program. With other offers available to

him in swanky locales such as NYC, he chose to join our modest firm here in


Even among all of these accolades, Devin’s most impressive attribute is his

character. I’ve found it increasingly difficult to find advocates for social justice

and environmental stewardship among Wall Street financiers. We are blessed

to have found a needle in the haystack yet again. Devin is a confident, brilliant

young intellectual, and I believe that he will continue our tradition of honesty,

integrity, and community stewardship with great care.

Ladies and Gentlemen of the MORWM family, please give your loudest and

warmest welcome to our newest family member, Devin Rainone!!

With excitement & gratitude,

Matt, Amy, Dan, Trish & Kirsten


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