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Giving Tuesday

Dear Clients and Friends,

The Philly MORWM crew is celebrating Giving Tuesday by spending the afternoon with one of our favorite non-profit partners, The Mazzoni Center. The Mazzoni Center focuses on providing health and wellness services to the LGBTQ community in Philadelphia. They do amazing work and we're excited to add a little manual labor to our fundraising efforts by assembling wellness kits.

Speaking of that...Matt will be doing his thing this coming Sunday at the Code Red PHL (@coderedphl) fundraiser, which benefits The Mazzoni Center, among others. See pic below of our friend, Cherry Pop (the founder of Code Red, star of the show, and Trish's long-time friend), and Matt getting the audience excited to part with their money for the annual "Take Matt's Money" match.

*If you need us for something time sensitive this afternoon, please call 267-

930-8300. We will check our voicemails through the afternoon until 4pm.

Happy Giving Tuesday!

Amy, Matt and the whole MORWM team



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