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Investment Management

Among our primary objectives is the construction of socially responsible portfolios that don’t sacrifice investment performance. We balance the protection of your current assets with the pursuit of future growth by building your portfolio with a focus on risk management. We use traditional investments as well as private investments that are not accessible at many investment firms. Please see our mission statement and our social commitment statement for more details.

Estate & Legacy Planning

Estate planning includes family and generational planning, as well as long-term charitable planning. includes everything from traditional estate documents (such as wills) to more complex multigenerational trusts.  We strive to create a balance between the simplicity of your current affairs and the tax-efficient transfer of assets between future generations.

There are also many strategies that allow for tax benefit associated with future charitable gifts. This makes long-term charitable planning a worthy planning element that shouldn't be left for one's will and testament. 

Risk Management

Risk management is the protection against variables such as personal or professional liability and lawsuits, property loss, and catastrophic illness or disability. This planning includes implementing strategies that are intended to minimize financial and other losses related to your assets, business, or health

Prudent wealth management includes analysis and management of these risks. Sensible filing of assets, asset ownership, and proper insurance can all prove protection against risk.

Family Financial Planning

Education and healthcare costs have increased dramatically over the last 50 years. College and graduate school planning for children and, grandchildren is a common goal among our clients.  Education savings accounts and applicable tax benefits vary from state to state.  We help our clients to build an education savings portfolio that takes advantage of the tax benefits that are available to them.

Social Security and Medicare planning is also instrumental.  The best strategy to use when implementing Social Security is dependent on age, retirement income and other variables. 


High net-worth households often have multiple consultants managing their personal affairs. These consultants may include a financial planner, an attorney, a CPA, and, if you are a business owner, a benefits administrator, MOR Wealth Management liaises with your other advisor in order to provide streamlined and comprehensice service.

We strive toward one singular, comprehensive goal - to empower our clients to live life on their terms without financial worry.

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