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Earth Day & Arbor Day 2024

Dear Clients and Friends,

It is my pleasure to share with you that we have Jack McDonald joining us as our intern for the next few weeks. Jack and his family have a long-standing relationship with Matt and are great friends of the firm. It’s been so fun for all of us to get to know him! He plans on studying video game design when he goes to college and is great at drawing! We asked Jack to write our annual Earth Day / Arbor Day weekend reading for us this year and we are so excited for you to read it – take it away, Jack!


We’re happy to say that our clients (you) have made a significant environmental difference with your correspondence delivery preferences. As of April 2024, 80% of our clients use paperless delivery; this figure is up 2% from last year. Nice work, everyone!

If you don’t know what your delivery preferences are, or if you want to switch to paperless delivery, please follow the instructions below. (Unfortunately, we can’t make this change for you. Regulations prevent us from editing your delivery preferences.)

Log into Investor360

At the top right of your home page: choose paperless preferences.

Then click on “Edit Paperless Preferences.”

If you want to stick with hard copies of your statements, we totally understand. There is just something special about physically holding them in your hands. And if you ever lose any of these statements, confirms, or forms, don’t worry. All physical copies can be found online through your Investor360 portal.


E-signature software like DocuSign has been instrumental in allowing us to make a positive impact on the environment. We’re happy to say that many of you have smoothly transitioned to using it. Everyone knows that it’s a quick, easy and safe way to share and complete paperwork. What everyone might not know is how big of difference we’re making!

By using DocuSign and similar paperless delivery methods, we have estimated that our clients have helped save the following (over the last 12 months):

10 trees 8,960 gallons of water 493 lbs of solid waste

Now, for some Arbor Day trivia!

This year, Arbor Day is on the 26th of April. While Arbor Day was first celebrated in the US in 1872, the first documented Arbor Day was in the Spanish village of Mondoñedo in 1594!! They planted some lime and chestnut trees.

Speaking of trees, consider planting a tree in order to make an even bigger impact on the environment! In his career, Matt has planted a total of 157 trees in honor of his clients and their life events. We currently use A Living Tribute, which plants trees in national forests all around the US. We’d be more than happy to help you start the tree planting process through A Living Tribute if you’d like.

If you’re looking for an Earth-friendly gift for Mother’s or Father’s Day, look no further than our 2023 Giving With Purpose guide! Most of the companies featured on our list are very environmentally friendly, and they all make a positive impact on the community. also has many more ideas for ways to be environmentally smart in the ways you live your life.

Many of our team members have made a couple of changes and commitments in order to help the environment. My family, the McDonalds, have just started using our second (technically third, but only AAA crash service has to know that…) electric car! In the Heimerling household, Gabrielle uses reusable and trash-less packing methods for storing food and packing her kid’s lunches. Patricia takes plastic bags that would otherwise be destined for the bin to a friend who weaves them into sleeping mats for the homeless! She also uses reusable Ziploc bags, eliminating any single-use plastic.

We are happy to share these stats and tips this Arbor Day, but enough about us. We want to know what YOU’RE doing to help the environment on this day and this year in general. Will you be buying some of those reusable bags some of us use? Maybe thinking about a new electric vehicle? Maybe even planting a tree? Let us know!

We hope you’re enjoying this sunny and calm weekend and remember to get out there and enjoy the nature you’re doing such a great job of preserving!


Jack McDonald and the MORWM team

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