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Headlines Stink!

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Dear Clients & friends,

Without much to write about this weekend, we thought we’d entertain you with a reminder of how ridiculous news headlines have become.

Just the Facts: Today, the Department of Labor released the July jobs report showing a gain of 1.76 million jobs. The consensus estimate was for 1.6 million jobs created, and the previous report for June showed 4.8 million jobs created.

Reuters Headline: U.S. job growth slows sharply in July

CNBC Headline: Stronger than expected U.S. jobs report

And some politics to flavor your weekend:

Bloomberg headline: Stimulus Talks collapse amid White House-Democratic Rancor

CNBC Headline: Lawmakers are not yet near a coronavirus relief deal after “productive” meeting.

Herein lies the unfortunate evolution of mainstream news, its reliance on “clickbait”, and its disassociation from meaningful investigative reporting. I guess we are in trouble when Comedy Central’s news shows have better trust ratings than MSNBC and Fox News.

I’m going camping this weekend. Bad news is, the ride to the campsite is 9 times further than my pre-covid ride to the office. However, its only 2/100ths the distance to Maui so that’s great news! 😉

By the way, according to a recent Pew research study, the most trusted news source in the world is BBC news.

Have a lovely weekend- your MORWM family.


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