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Earth Day & Arbor Day 2021

Dear Clients & Friends,

We’re back! We have missed quite a few weeks’ worth of weekend readings due to one of the busiest tax seasons we’ve ever experienced. We thought today would be the perfect celebration to restart our weekend reading – not only because we are almost through with tax season but also because we’re celebrating Earth Day, and environmental stewardship is a persistent theme here at MORWM

Did you know the first Earth Day was held on April 22, 1970? This year marks the 51st year anniversary of Earth Day, but do you know the true meaning of Earth Day? On this day in 1970, an activist from San Francisco, named John McConnell, along with Wisconsin Senator, Gaylor Nelson, asked Americans to join their movement to start realizing the dangerous issues concerning toxic drinking water, air pollution and the negative effects of pesticides. Today, we celebrate Earth Day to increase awareness of all the environmental problems we face as a society.

Something we tell our clients is how environmentally-aware we try to be, and yes, we are not perfect. The great thing about our clients (you) is that you all try to do everything possible to create a positive environmental impact.

As of April 2021, 71% of our overall book of clients are enrolled in paperless delivery, leaving only 29% still receiving paper statements…not too shabby! But it could use some improvement.

Want to double-check your delivery preferences or enroll in paperless delivery? Please see the instructions below. (We wish that we could do this for you as a customer service, but the regulators do not allow us to choose your delivery preferences.)

To check or update your paperless preferences:

Investor360 > Settings

Please note:

  1. Each account owner needs to do this separately.

  2. If we’ve opened a new account for you recently, you need to enroll that account in paperless delivery – it will not happen automatically.

  3. If you need help, please email your friendly neighborhood MORWM Ops Team!

Want to stick with traditional delivery of paper statements? We get it. There is something satisfying about having a physical copy of your correspondence. Remember, copies of your statements, confirms, tax forms, etc. can also be found on your Investor360 portal.


The use of e-signature platforms like DocuSign, has become vital in the last couple of months, and we’re grateful for your long-standing acceptance of this method of signing. We all know that it’s a safe and timely way to conduct business. What you might not be aware of is the positive impact that you’ve had on the environment.

Just by using DocuSign and paperless statement delivery, we estimate the MORWM family of clients has saved (over the last twelve months alone):

Arbor Day is April 30th

If you’d like to offset your paper statements, or if you just feel like doing our planet a favor, please consider planting a tree.

Since the firm was founded in 2013, MORWM has planted 96 trees in honor of clients’ life events. We often use A Living Tribute – they plant trees in national forests throughout the United States. We’d be happy to facilitate the tree planting process for you if you’d like.

Looking for an earth-friendly gift idea for Mother’s Day or Father’s Day? Check out our Giving with Purpose lists for ideas. Many of the companies are earth-friendly and all are community-focused.

To wrap up and help us celebrate, here are some fun Earth Day quizzes:

Stay healthy, and remember to get out there and take some deep breaths.

Best Regards,

Amy + Elizabeth


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