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2nd Annual MORWM Giving with Purpose List

Dear Clients and Friends,

Last year, one of our most popular weekend readings was a list of excellent holiday gifting ideas adding a whole new level to the concept of holiday “Giving.” The level of philanthropy supported by our clients and friends needs no introduction, and we all struggle with gift ideas for some people during the holiday season. Therefore, we hope you enjoy this second annual list of awesome gift ideas, all of which add a level of charity to our holiday spirit. Please join us in giving credit to Gloria for her wonderful research this year. Below you can find our top ten, as well as a link to many many more we found worthy of consideration.

Have a wonderful Thanksgiving holiday and don’t forget that Tuesday of next week is National Giving Tuesday.

The MOR Wealth Management family brainstormed the following list of websites that allow for easy browsing and a variety of gift ideas that also give back to society in some way. These truly are gifts you can feel great giving. Purchases from the following websites all give back to the community and are appropriate for many occasions, including the holidays.

World Bicycle Relief You can choose to donate a wheel set, a mechanic’s one bike or many! You can also donate to help the environment, provide skills training and more. In areas where walking is the only mode of transport, a Buffalo Bicycle offers the real and immediate benefit of reliable access to essential goods and services.

WO Design WO Products makes high-quality dog toys and t-shirts all in hopes of helping widows and orphans in Ethiopia. For each product you purchase, WO Products will deliver 2 meals to widows and orphans in Ethiopia through their partnership with “Bring Love In (BLI)” to help feed orphans and widows in their organization.

Kingview Mead Mead — or honey wine — relies on bees to make the product; but KingView Mead is so passionate about bees’ vital role in the environment, they donate a portion of profits to local beekeepers. This helps keep food costs lower and increases the biodiversity in forests, meadows, waterways — basically the entire planet. Their Mead-For-Bees program donates 10% of all sales to the direct purchase of new boxes, frames and bee colonies for local beekeepers and apiaries. These are then given away via sweepstakes drawings. Every $1 donated helps to release 150 bees into the world.

Conscious Step Conscious Step makes socks that fight for causes that matter. Each pair supports some of the world’s leading non-profits and provides quantifiable impact. Conscious Steps are sustainably made in a Fairtrade working environment, using organic cotton and non-toxic dyes.

TOMS With every purchase you make TOMS will help a person in need. One for one. What began as a simple idea has evolved into a powerful business model that helps address need and advance health, education and economic opportunity for children and their communities around the world.

Global Wonders Jewerly Global Wonders is a part of SA Foundation (SAF) Canada, whose goal is to stop the sexual exploitation & trafficking of young women through implementing their unique recovery model. All Global Wonders Products are handmade in Nepal by women who’ve been rescued from Human Trafficking and Sexual Exploitation. Each purchase helps to support another woman’s journey to freedom from a life of slavery!

Bureo Bureo makes skateboards and sunglasses from recycled fishing nets. Operating a recycling program in Chile, ‘Net Positiva’, Bureo’s programs provides fishing net collection points to keep plastic fishing nets out of our ocean. Preventing harmful materials from entering the ocean, these recycling programs protect wildlife and supporting local fishing communities through financial incentives.

ImPaper ImPaper (Impact Paper) is a social enterprise that ventures to bring creative and originally designed greeting cards and other paper goods that make a social impact. For every product purchased, ImPaper contributes to a specific cause to help improve the lives of others. These causes range from giving meals to the poor, planting trees, and providing vaccines for diseases.

b.a.r.e soaps b.a.r.e. soaps is an all-natural, socially conscious soap & candle company. b.a.r.e stands for “bringing antiseptic resources to everyone”. 20% of proceeds are reinvested in economic development in India and Uganda.

Preemptive Love Coalition Preemptive Love Coalition brings emergency relief and medical care to families on the front lines of the world’s most polarizing conflicts—in places like Syria and Iraq. But we don’t leave once the fighting is done. We stay and empower refugees to reclaim their future from the ashes of war. All products are made by refugees affected by war.


Hopefully this list inspired you to give a little more (or a little more deliberately) this holiday season. If you saw something that you liked on this list, we would absolutely love to hear your gifting story! Happy and healthy holidays from everyone here at MOR Wealth Management!



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