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2019 Key Number Update

Updated: Sep 15, 2020

Dear Clients & Friends,

Each January, we send our readers an update on key tax and retirement numbers for the new year, such as new income tax brackets and 401k/IRA contribution limits. This year, we wanted to add a few more items such as 529 plan contribution limits, Health Care Savings Account limits, long-term care premium deductions, etc.  As we added more and more items, we quickly realized that this was becoming a very robust list that would apply to virtually every reader in some way.  So, we decided to go crazy and add anything that we could think of!

Welcome to our newly created “Annual Key Number Update.” It’s got everything: individual tax rates, adoption credits, the foreign earned income exclusion, the nanny tax, standard mileage rates for tax deductions, education loan interest deductions, etc. etc.

Keep it handy and feel free to share with anyone.  At some point during the year, it is likely that something on this list will be helpful.

Have a lovely weekend!



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