Weekend Reading

Laurence Fink 2017 Letter to CEOs

March 26, 2017

"...shared economic security can only be achieved through a long-term approach by investors, companies and policymakers." -Laurence Fink



Our weekend reading presented to you by Daniel Levinson, Financial Planning Associate…


Dear Clients and Friends,

Important Tax "Stuff"

February 24, 2017

For this weekend reading, we are going ultra-important, albeit knowingly ultra-boring.



Dear clients and friends,

For this weekend reading, we are going ultra-important, albeit knowingly ultra-boring.

February Market Risk Update

February 17, 2017

As I contemplate risk in consideration of the measures that we like to use, I find myself particularly frustrated this month…


Dear Clients and Friends,

For this weekend’s reading, we send out our monthly market risk update.

Global Trade

February 4, 2017

Trump’s world: to Trade or Not to Trade



Dear Clients and Friends,

New Year's Resolution

January 4, 2017

Being a closet tech-geek I wanted to share this New Year’s resolution article written by our CFN technology team referencing a few technologies that may assist in tracking personal spending more diligently. 

Dear Clients & Friends,

Giving with a Purpose: A Holiday Shopping Guide that Gives Back

December 2, 2016

If you are anything like me, chances are you have struggled with gift-giving at some point in your life. The MOR Wealth Management family brainstormed the following list of websites that allow for easy browsing and a variety of gift ideas that also give back to society in some way. These truly are gifts you can feel great giving. Purchases from the following websites all give back to the community and are appropriate for many occasions, including the holidays.


Dear Clients and Friends,

A Positive, Philanthropic Development in our Otherwise Mind-Numbing Tax Code

November 19, 2016

This week, we seek to entertain you with a positive development in our otherwise mind-numbing tax code.  Insomuch as charity is deeply seeded in our firm’s culture, let’s discuss a terrific philanthropic incentive passed by Congress earlier this year.

Dear Clients and Friends,

In the last few months, I’ve passed the Weekend Reading baton to other family members here at MOR Wealth Management.  Recently inspired by this development, today Dan Levinson takes the keyboard to enlighten us in the spirit of giving.

Human Trafficking

October 21, 2016

“We choose to hope as an act of defiance in the face of violence and horrific abuse.”


Dear Clients and Friends,

SEC reforms Money Market Funds

October 14, 2016

Q&A on the recent new legislation on money market funds


Dear Clients and Friends,

Over the last several weeks, the news has been discussing new legislation passed regarding money market funds.  As expected, we’ve received a number of questions from our MORWM family of clientele related thereto.  Given the timeliness, we thought it would make a good topic for this weekend’s reading.

IRS Relief for Louisiana Flood Victims

September 23, 2016


IRS Announces Relief for Louisiana Flooding Victims Participating In Retirement Plans


Dear Clients & Friends,