Weekend Reading

Weekend Reading: Gain & Loss

This weekend’s reading may, on the surface, seem boring, but I promise you that it’s really not.  In fact, this reading will probably help everyone, and I really mean everyone, understand how to look at portfolio performance just a little bit better. This will be the first of two weekend readings about performance, so here goes; indulge me while I geek it out!

Weekend Reading: Memorial Day Message & Medicare

In honor of the this weekend, we will make our reading short and sweet. But before we do, a quick message about the Memorial Day holiday.

As we kick off the summer season this weekend with cheer and spirit, let us take a moment on Monday to remember and celebrate the brave soldiers who gave their lives yesterday so we could live our tomorrow.Let us also honor our military service people who have served and continue to serve providing a blanket of freedom under which we are blessed to live.

Weekend Reading: Ford New Technology

Due to several client meetings outside our home office, we are skipping this weekend’s reading. However, we did come across a very interesting technology that Ford Motor has been playing with.  It’s a technology which allows people with visual impairment to experience some of the scenery that passes them by while riding as a passenger.

Weekend Reading: Yield Curve

I’ve been meaning to write an article about what we call “the Yield Curve” because of all the statistics and metrics we at MORWM utilize in our forecasts, this is among those we take most seriously. In the midst of confusion in late 2007, the yield curve was the straw that broke the camel’s back, so to speak, and the final concern for which liquidated a meaningful part of our equity portfolio in October and November of 2007.

Weekend Listening: Tariffs & Volatility

For this weekend's reading, we are back on the radio.  This radio spot was actually from last week, but with the Passover and Easter holiday, we didn't have a chance to distribute the link.  In this show I was asked exactly what you would guess - tariffs and market volatility, with a splash of Amazon and Facebook. 

Weekend Reading: Yesterday's Market

Given the treacherous ride that the US stock market endured recently, I considered writing a mid-week email. However, since yesterday was already Thursday, I figured that I would just wait for the weekend reading since the message is somewhat anticlimactic.

“Nothing to see here…” is our stance.

Weekend Reading: MS Bike - This is the Big One!

Folks, everyone knows that community support is one of the cornerstones of our corporate culture. However, this year, MOR Wealth Management will be making a larger effort to raise money than it has ever attempted before.

We are extremely proud of the massive profits that we helped our clients to make in 2017. We hope that each and every person within our family of clientele will give back by participating in and/or supporting the creation of the…

Weekend Reading: Tariffs = Earlier Recession

The effects, advantages, and disadvantages of tariffs in the global economy are relatively simple to understand once you filter out all of the fake news. Thus, I thought we would look at President Trump’s new proposed steel tariff in detail this weekend.

Weekend Reading: Tax Docs Update

Try to stay awake for this weekend’s tax reading; it’s boring but important.

First, we wanted to remind everyone that we are fully compatible with Turbo Tax® and H&R Block® tax preparation software. Yes, I know - we remind everyone every year, but since we have a few new families that we’ve brought into our MORWM-isphere since last April, we wanted to get everyone re-acclimated. Attached are detailed instructions on how to use Turbo Tax and H&R Block tax preparation software with Investor360 (our client portal).

Weekend Reading: Are We Buying Into the Dip?

To reiterate our former message, we had previously predicted an imminent correction and, although more rapid than we had anticipated, our numbers seem to be pretty accurate so far - we predicted a correction of between 10-13% on January 17th (which, by the way, was my birthday. Imagine the buzzkill this perdition brought to bear). As of the close on Thursday, the correction in the Dow was just over 10%. Thus, for selected clients, we started buying into the dip on Friday and will likely continue to do so, depending on how long the dip lasts.