Weekend Reading

Weekend Reading: Are You In the Top 10%

Since I’m traveling, this will be a short Weekend Reading.  A conversation that I had with clients in my Vero office inspired me to share some data about wealth in America with you. Most of our readers might find this information to be surprising.

A household income of $118,200 puts a person in the top 10% of US income earners.  A household income of $166,200 puts a person in the top 5% of US income earners.1 I know that this is somewhat hard to believe; given the cost of healthcare, post-high school education, and many other disturbingly expensive necessities, most people who earn $120k don’t consider themselves to be highly affluent.

Weekend Reading: Business Overhead Exposure

I’m a safety guy.  You all know it.  I talk about it all the time. Risk management fulfills two purposes: it protects those who rely on us (and on our ability to earn income and it allows you and I (client and advisor) to sleep peacefully at night. Risks come in many different shapes and sizes – some are obvious, and some are not. Recently, while assisting a long loooong time friend and brilliant gastroenterologist with a unique type of insurance, it occurred to me that the topic of this article is one of those not-so-obvious risks that many small business owners, and partners of small businesses, need to be aware of.

Maybe this topic applies to you, or maybe it applies to your children/grandchildren.  But if you or someone you know is a business owner, read along.

Weekend Reading: February Market Risk Update

It’s time for our monthly Market Risk Update.  We are sharing our update a little later than usual this month because we kept finding more interesting topics to discuss over the last two weeks.

For those of you who follow Brad McMillan’s Risk Update, you may have noticed that many of his “green lights” have slowly turned yellow over the last few months, and in some cases, red. His opinion is concurrent with our concerns regarding a global economy whose growth rate is slowing for a number of reasons. If the S&P 500 is able to return another 5% (target 2880), we will be reducing risk from all client portfolios in rapid fashion. Below are a few reasons why…

Weekend Reading: Costs of Government Shutdown

Over the last few weeks, many people have asked about the economic effects of the recent government shutdown, which was the longest in US history.  We thought that we’d use this Weekend Reading as an opportunity to pass along some related information.

Weekend Reading: An Advisor's Advice To Advisors

You all know about MORWM’s commitment to taking care of our community, our planet, and, of course, our fabulous family of clients. Another one of our goals, though important, doesn’t get discussed as often: our commitment to setting an example for the investment industry.

Weekend Reading: Larry Finks 2019 Letter

At the beginning of every year, Larry Fink, the CEO of BlackRock Investment Management, publishes a public letter to the CEOs of America’s largest corporations.  On behalf of the investing public, he stresses the importance of focusing more on long-term growth rather than short term earnings. While the latter may influence near term swings in a company’s stock price, the former encourages long term health and sustainability; the kind of finance from which iconic companies like Apple and Nike are born.

Weekend Reading: 2019 Key Number Update

Each January, we send our readers an update on key tax and retirement numbers for the new year, such as new income tax brackets and 401k/IRA contribution limits. This year, we wanted to add a few more items such as 529 plan contribution limits, Health Care Savings Account limits, long-term care premium deductions, etc.  As we added more and more items, we quickly realized that this was becoming a very robust list that would apply to virtually every reader in some way.  So, we decided to go crazy and add anything that we could think of!

Weekend Reading: Three Important Resources for 2019

I want to take a moment to remind everyone of 3 very useful client resources.  Many of you are aware of these, but for those who are not, they certainly warrant mentioning.

Weekend Reading: Part 2 of 2 - December Market Risk Update

Below is part 2 of this Weekend’s Reading: Brad McMillan’s Monthly Market Risk Update, which many clients have come to follow closely.  Please make sure you first read our general market update sent yesterday, in order to get a broader perspective of our forecasts before we dive into the finer technical details herein. Markets are in panic mode and, as discussed in yesterday’s blog post, fear has set in. But fundamentals aren’t absolutely terrible.  At least not yet.  Let’s read what Brad has to say...

Weekend Reading: Part 1 of 2 - General Market Update

This weekend, we will update you on the “big picture” view of our market outlook and current ongoing volatility.  Then tomorrow, we will send to you Brad McMillan’s Monthly Market Risk Update.

I imagine that everyone’s big question is whether or not 2019 is the year for a recession. Well, it’s hard to say. We think that the economy has enough gas left in its tank to set another market high, although if so, a new high point in 2019 may be the last one prior to a recession- a forecast that we’ve been making for quite some time.