Weekend Reading

Weekend Reading: Market Risk August 2017

Weekend Reading – Monthly Risk Update

Dear Clients & Friends,

It’s time for our monthly update on prevailing economic and investment market related risks. In most months we focus mainly on market related risks as that seems to be more interesting to most of our clients and gives a more direct line of sight to their investment portfolio.  However, this month, we are going to discuss metrics related to the economy instead of the market, and here’s why.

Ramer on the Radio: The "Hot" Market

Dear Clients & Friends,

For this weekend, we share with you another radio broadcast from 610AM Radio here in Philadelphia. During this session, the host asked about the recent “hot”market, the implications thereof, and how much the Trump effect has contributed thereto. We also talked briefly about the hazards of a false sense of confidence.  Next week we will share our monthly market risk update which many of you have been asking about. 

Living Trusts 101

Dear Clients and Friends,

This weekend’s reading is short and sweet, but it answers a very common question and hopefully resolves a common myth. The questions at hand are: what is a living trust and why is everyone telling me that I need one?

Well, first of all, in very few cases does anyone “need” a living trust. It brings a few benefits, but also costs money to set up.  So let’s review briefly what a living trust does and does not do….

What is a Living Trust?

New MORWM Employee!

Dear clients and friends,

Please everyone gather around as I, with tremendous excitement and great honor, introduce to you the newest member of our MORWM family, Gloria Hang!

As most of you know, we do not simply hire the best candidate we can find in a fixed period of time.  Hardly! We began interviewing several months ago, and it was not until we found a truly exceptional person with great culture and a strong sense of giving that we invited Gloria to be a member of our family.

Ramer on the Radio: Recession and Amazon Whole Foods Acquisition

Dear Clients and Friends,

Given the effort put into last weekend’s extremely important article, we are going to take a break this weekend.  However, we thought that you might enjoy another radio appearance that we made recently, during which we briefly talk about the Amazon / Whole Foods acquisition before moving on to a less scripted conversation about the recession research that we put forth in our article last Sunday. 


Very Important Weekend Reading: What to Expect 2017 - 2019

Dear Clients & Friends,

This Weekend’s Reading is likely to be the most important of this calendar year. Below, I will formally outline my forecast for a recession, or at least a steep market correction of at least 20%, possibly as much as 50%, in late 2018/early 2019. Please don’t read this while waiting in line at the supermarket.  This article deserves undisturbed attention, so please take the time to read carefully.

Weekend Reading: LGBTQ Pride Month

Dear clients and friends,

First, please join the MORWM family in celebration of LGBTQ Pride Month!  Many of you have seen this sign before.  This is the wireframe from the design of our signage, which Patricia made especially colorful.  We now hang this over our permanent signage each and every month of June.


May Market Risk Update

Dear Clients & Friends,

Trump Tax Plan

April 30, 2017

Trump Tax Plan: Less than Half a Page Long and Very Short on Details


Dear Clients & Friends,


Rock to the Future and Earth Day

April 21, 2017

This weekend, no economics or politics - just Rock & Roll and Mother Nature



Dear Clients & Friends,

Tonight, MOR Wealth Management is sponsoring the 4th annual Music For All Ball.  And tomorrow is Earth day!  Insomuch as we are excited for both events this weekend, let us ignore all of the economic and government-related chaos, and turn our attention to the good that is in us all, or at least the good inherent in you, our MORWM family, and likeminded people.